Free Mental Health App for International Students

Finally, a forever free, all-in-one, cross-platform, high-quality mental health app designed with international students in mind.

BenZen is creating an app for you to take control of your wellness. We know you’ve traveled far and worked hard to be here.

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Coming Summer 2024


Vote, discuss, and propose features here: Canny

Actually Free

No hidden costs, ads, subscriptions or add ons in the app.

Mental Health in One App

Find support all in one place.

Cross-Platform Support

Use the app on iOS, Android, web, and desktops whenever you need it.

Developed by Scientists

Designed and reviewed by top researchers and experienced clinicians.

AI without PHI

AI-enabled features combined with everyday simple tools you enjoy using, all designed with privacy and data safety protected.

Your Wish is Our Command

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

“Benzen”, the placeholder name for the app, is a twist from the Chinese word “BenZhen,” which means authenticity. We hope everyone can be authentic and live their life true to their own ideal without the constraints of their mental health challenges.

It is currently under development. We are meeting with experts, clinicians and students in the field to bring to you a user-friendly, helpful tool that is a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs and unique challenges as an international student. Privacy and data safety are important to us and will be implemented on day one. If you would like to be part of the conversation, we have compiled a list of features on Canny ( ), where you can vote, discuss, and propose new ones. Please join the waitlist, and we will reach out soon.

We want to come with you where you go, whether you’re attending your first class, studying at the library, or finally going home to visit your family. We want to be available and accessible to you whenever you need it.

The paywall is one of the biggest issues we see in existing mental apps. It is always so close (very limited free content) and so high ($100+/year) that people who need those “premium” functions the most often can not get access. Another issue is how scattered and complex the existing mental health services are. Many highly educated and privileged individuals do not know where to get the right help, let alone people with limited resources. An all-in-one app could serve as the entry point and a trusted companion that leads to the individualized healing path.

International students should not wait any longer. Students have faced many hardships over the years and it’s time to create something unique to help address their needs. Anyone who has experienced mental health challenges knows that many people would benefit from digital mental health support. With our technical and research expertise, not only could we make the well-defined tools free and compiled in one place, but also bring novel features based on the latest research breakthroughs into the app over time.

We are determined to avoid in-app premium subscription fees, forced ads, and, worst of all, selling data, at all costs. There are many potential paths. For example, we could adopt the open-source software paradigm of working with companies/institutions to provide them with enterprise services and integrations. Or, we could work with insurance companies to share the medical costs saved from using the app. Admittedly, any path that benefits all parties will be more complicated than the direct approaches used by many today, but the advantages will be well worth the effort. To get started, we plan to use our personal funding and accept voluntary donations (after launch) in the short term while figuring out long-term solutions. Worst-case scenario, the app will stay free with no new features added after running out of funds.

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